1. Attend all Bi-Monthly Board Meetings. Provide a copy of previous Minutes to each board member by e-mail within 5 business days of meeting. Read previous Minutes as well as take Minutes of current board meeting.
  2. Serve as agent for RNB’s non-profit corporation with the Secretary of State of Georgia. Update the list of officers as changed by Annual Meeting elections. Remind Treasurer of time to pay annual registration fee to maintain non-profit status.
  3. Maintain corporate seal for Rainbow Naturist Brotherhood, Inc. Provide to either Treasurer or Finance Committee as needed for investments.
  4. Schedule Annual Meetings with Vice-President reminding board members that proposals for the Annual Meeting requires 45 days notice for review and approval by board.
  5. Schedule all elections finding board members or any member to serve with counting hands as previously determined by the members. The Secretary or Chairman of the Election Committee will then announce the election results.
  6. Maintain & provide Roster of Current Members as developed by Secretary and Membership Chair.